P-1 Internationally Recognized Athlete or Member of an Internationally Recognized Entertainment Group

P-1A (Internationally Recognized Athlete) / P-1B (Entertainment Group) Visas

The P-1 visa is granted to an athlete, team, or entertainment groups that are “internationally recognized,” and whose main purposes are to stay in the United States temporarily and perform in a competition, event, or performance. This visa includes short vacations, promotional appearances, and incidental stop-overs. However, P-1 visas are not issued to nationals of countries that are known for sponsoring international terrorism unless granted a waiver by the Secretary of State in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security, and appropriate U.S. agencies. The two classifications of P-1 visa are:

  • P-1A visas are granted to athletes or teams that are “internationally recognized.” This visa also allows non-professional athletes who participate at an internationally recognized level of performance; professional or amateur ice skaters performing for a theatrical production; and amateur athletes or coaches who perform in the highest level of amateur performance in their home country to enter the United States.
  • P-1B visa is granted to a person who is an essential part of an internationally recognized entertainment group. He or she must sustain and have a relationship with the group for at least a year.
How long can I stay in the US on this visa?

The athlete or team could stay in the United States for the duration of the season, itinerary, and contract, not exceeding one year.