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U.S. Federal Appeals Court Allows Most of Texas Law Punishing “Sanctuary Cities”

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, in an Opinion, on Tuesday ruled in favor on most of the provisions of a Texas law that punishes so-called “sanctuary cities.” The said law known as Senate Bill 4 provides for imprisonment for police chiefs, sheriffs, and frontline officers who fail to cooperate with federal immigration policies and enforcement. The law likewise allows police to ask questions regarding the immigration status of lawfully detained persons. The law is effective until such time a lower court decides in the State of Texas decides on the legality of the law.

The Court, however, disallowed a provision of the law that allowed the State to remove duly elected officials who criticize the law as it infringes upon constitutional protection on free speech. Sanctuary cities across the U.S., most especially California, have been in conflict with the Trump Administration due to their non-cooperation with immigration policies and enforcement.

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