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Trump Again Calls for Border Wall After Undocumented Immigrant Acquitted of Murder and Manslaughter

President Trump in a recent tweet again called for the construction of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico after undocumented immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges for the killing of Kathryn Steinle on a San Francisco Pier in 2015.
President Trump on December 1, 2017, tweeted, “The Kate Steinle killer came back and back over the weakly protected Obama border, always committing crimes and being violent, and yet this info was not used in court. His exoneration is a complete travesty of justice. BUILD THE WALL!” President Trump built his campaign around a promise of a crackdown on illegal immigration and building a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. His call to build the wall has been reiterated yet again in numerous anti-immigration quarters after Zarate, a 7-time felon and deported 5 times, was able to enter and re-enter the U.S. to commit numerous crimes including possession of a firearm.

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