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Justice Department Scrutinizing Oakland Mayor Who Announced Planned ICE Raids

The Justice Department is investigating the recent announcements of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf who publicly announced planned Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) immigration raids in Northern California a day before such immigration raids were conducted on February 25, 2018. The Justice Department and ICE officials are saying that Mayor Schaaf’s public announcements potentially endangered the lives of ICE agents and allowed hundreds of undocumented immigrants with criminal records to avoid arrest. ICE arrested 232 undocumented immigrants with 115 of those having prior criminal records. Oakland, or California in general, is part of many so-called sanctuary cities found all across the United States that provide protection to non-criminal undocumented immigrants from aggressive federal immigration policies such as arbitrary immigration raids, arrests, deportation, or access to information regarding immigrant detainees in County or State prisons.

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