Jump Ship and Fraud

Provisional Waiver and Green Card Granted

Family Unity Conquers All!
Dire Circumstances Outweigh Fraud

“This is a personal Christmas/New Year’s gift to me.  I never thought I would see the day that I will obtain legal status.  Thank you to Atty. Maricar!” – Cathy

Cathy left the Philippines almost 20 years ago with a seafarer’s visa. Unfortunately, she used that visa only to enter the U.S., without the intention to join the ship. She and her U.S. citizen husband have three beautiful children. Despite having U.S. citizen immediate family members, the circumstances of Cathy’s entry prevents her from gaining legal status. She must have a successful waiver. The Madrid Crost Law Group made that happen after presenting compelling evidence of hardship – the suffering of denied companionship, financial issues, and more on the part of her husband, enhanced by many other factors, and chronic health issues, affecting their immediate and extended family members – if Cathy was not allowed to legalize her immigration status in this country. She has received her green card in February 2016 and just grateful to reciprocate to those who helped her.